Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall has gone and fell!

Fall has arrived on Dyrnan Drive!

So I posted about Junk Bonanza and how incredibly awesome it was. Seriously. The atmosphere, the people, the junk,the deals, the laughs. Did I mention the junk?

Here's the junk that was in my trunk when I came home! Well, at least the biggest peice of junk. Not sure what it was or what it was meant to be...but its mine and
its F.I.N.E fine (to borrow from Aerosmith).

Here she all her galvanized goodness...naked from the inside. Well, except for sand to keep it from blowing over.

And now with some dried Switchgrass, seed heads and twigs from the yard painted red.

From goodness to glorious-ness! (is that a real word?)

Once I get my other peices out and into their new homes from the Junk trip, I will post those also! Thanks for visiting!

Junk Bonanza!

I had one of the best times of my life a week ago! Jill, Wendy, Mom and I went north to Shakopee, Mn to get in some junkin at Junk Bonanza! We got lots of shopping done at specialty stores that we just don't have around here. Had GREAT food and sooooo many laughs that we all had sore stomach and face muscles! Seriously...I can't remember ever having such a great time! I'm already ready for next year!

Let me tell you...if you love decorating with junk, antiques and or repurposed items, you MUST make your way to next years JUNK BONANZA! Check out their website here. As of right now, its still showing this years information, all thought its past. However, take a look at Kai's blog(she is the fonder of this awesome junk fest as well as the Flea Market Style magazine!

Here is Kai! She met us at the front door, handing out our free canvas JUNK bags, filled with goodies for those of us that bought EarlyBird tickets, for a full 2 hour sneak peak before the doors opened for the public. It was!

We got free hot donuts passed out by this gentleman! delish!

Then we found fabulous things. pictures don't do the place justice! Kai's blog shows much more, so go check it out!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Darlin!

Wow! Its been since i've updated this blog.
I apologize. But hopefully you've been following me over at

Its been crazy around our house the last couple of months.
Quick run down to catch everybody up!

March 31st I had knee surgery to replace my ACL. Was home on disability for 8 weeks.

In April and May my time off lent plenty of time to help a friend with planning and styling her daughter's graduation party. That was so much fun to create and see the end result! It was very funky, fun and youthful! Loved it.

June is wen we sent the boys (Tim, Xavier and my Dad) to Wisconsin on a week long fishing trip. Mom, Becca, Wendy and I had a good week here at home without the boys. We spent a lot of time at Sturgis Falls and holding down our regular spot that we can always be found. The girls and I also took a day trip to DesMoines for some shopping and food!

In July I helped at church to complete the mural paintings in the Kidzone. Good times and it turned out so cute! I still need to get some good pictures of that!

In July, God also spoke to me about a passion that I had been praying about for some time. I had been contemplating starting my own business as a Party Stylist, but not knowing just how far to go with it, or if it was the right time. He spoke to about it here.

Shortly after, I started working on my cousins September Wedding, and heling my friend Abbi create a fun and encouraging enviroment for our church's preschool Sprout! See picture There is soo muh more to the room than just these pictures. I'll take more soon.

Speaking of Sprout...Becca started Preschool! Ugh! Bitter sweet! look at her beautiful little punky little self on the first day! I love you kid!

I helped one of my besties do her daughter's bday. Ms Brynn had a blast as well as her friends and I must say, for the little bit I styled and was enough to make if fun and festive!

Katie's wedding in September was hit! See pics

Next Enchanted Woodland baby shower for another bestie, Aubrey and her baby girl due in November! I've been collecting and creating for a month on this baby shower I'm hosting and styling! I will defitely be posting pictures after the party!

Ok, so as long as that post was, your caught up now! I promise more family posts in the future. But be sure to visit to see the me as a Party Stylist in action!